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I am Amy, I’m 23 from Hertfordshire and I have suffered from Epilepsy since November 2016.

I was completely seizure-free until I was 19 and suffered my first ever seizure. I still haven't got my seizures under control, and now suffer from anxiety from having seizures.

My seizures are tonic-clonic and when i am anxious- I suffer from dissociative seizures. 

I had just passed my driving test in the October of 2016, and as anyone would feel, i was really excited to be on the roads, then, a seizure happened, completely out of the blue.

I was sitting, watching TV as you do, and as i suffered from migraines- i thought it was that, until i ‘woke up’, couldn’t remember anything and was sitting next to 2 lovely paramedics.

I had to surrender my licence, literally a month after i passed, that was hard for me, as i really enjoyed my independence. I was advised the seizure could be a one-off, but I was referred for an MRI and an appointment with the neurology department.

My neurologist took the time to listen, ask and answer questions. She referred me for an EEG and a 24 hour sleep-deprived EEG because the results from my MRI had come back clear.

Of course, i began to feel anxious and realised that my life probably wouldn’t ever be the same again. I was put on Keppra and in 2018 i got swapped to Lamotrigine and put on Citalopram for my anxiety.

I do still have blips now, i haven’t made it to a year of being seizure-free (11 months though!), but the more i was telling people, the more people were telling me other people had it, you are not alone in this journey.

I have had constant hospital visits and neurologist appointments, but now, i feel that I have accepted this is a part of me, my story to tell.

My neurologist has been so much help, with any questions i have still and what i will need to do in terms, of helping me and my epilepsy.

My friends and family have been amazing in terms of supporting me. You are not alone in this!!!

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