Vinti Govind

It all began when I was 16, I fell in the washroom and bit my tongue.

This fall was dismissed as iron deficiency at first but when the frequency increased and eeg, CT, MRI were done, diagnosis was pretty straightforward. Left temporal epilepsy, and falls were nothing but grand mal seizures.

Also, I used to get this weird feeling that something is gonna happen before those episodes but before I could prepare myself, I would lose control. This feeling was nothing but Aura in medical terms.

Life had given me a shocker but I was all set and I accepted the challenge. I did not stop. I qualified in a nice medical school, tried making these episodes part and parcel of my life.

I had my share of inner conflicts but with support of my parents and friends, I tried overcoming that too. Today I am a diabetologist, happy with my job. The journey has been a bit troublesome but I have been facing everything like its supposed to happen.

My epilepsy was later detected to be refractory. So I decided #letseizuresnotseizeyou

Vinti Govind
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