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At the age of 9 months old, doctors questioned if I was suffering from abscence seizures. I would black-out regularly and become unresponsive.

My nursery also identified the same issue. I saw a neurologist, who requested an EEG. However, the results were normal. Yet my doctor tried to link my seizures with a head injury I previously had.

When I began primary school, I continued blacking-out, even fainting a few times. Doctors were puzzled with my symptoms and diagnosed me with complex syncope.

Despite this, I had my first tonic-clonic seizure when I was 13. It was bizarre and felt so strange. I could smell burning petrol, before collapsing and losing consciousness. I wet myself and bit a chunk out my tongue. And left me with a severe head injury.

The hospital thought I was epileptic. I had all the signs: Seizure, extreme fatigue, pupil dilation, elevated heart rate, vomiting, etc. I saw many different doctors. I was misdiagnosed with RAS, fainting, severe anxiety, stress and PNES. But none of the diagnoses matched my symptoms entirely. I begged for an answer.

By the time I was 15, I had over 300 seizures in one year, and it was destroying my life! Currently, I am 16 years old and am still battling for a diagnosis. Because I've suffered a tough childhood, my seizures have been blamed on stress, which is unbelievable!

All my scans have been normal, apart from heart rates, temperature, sugar levels and a few abnormal waves on my EEG. Diagnosed or undiagnosed, I am an epilepsy warrior! I will never give up and I will win this fight. It doesn't define who I am and nomatter what, we will find a cure!

~Because every seizure free day is a good day~

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