Now where do I start .. being diagnosed at 18 due to head trauma from no where my condition hit me.

Growing up just a typical boy up to my neck in trouble scrapping being a plonker no cares. I started to have sudden grand mal seizures to the point where i stopped breathing and woke in hospital after being jump started back up a few times.

Got these under manners for about 10 yrs then back they came, work stress working a job where I had to hide my condition to even have the job, I was determined to pay my bills.

Then all of a sudden all come back absent seizures, nocturnal seizures ..back to the hard life for now had to stop work, stop driving again, sell my cars lord give us a break lol.

So now i look to volunteer and help people with the same condition as i know how hard it can be living day to day, trying to fit in with the world. My karmic rewards will give me all I have sacrificed back and hoping more as ill rather have my health and shirt buttons than bad health and a spare fiver.

Look after yourselves people and good luck with your journeys.

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