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David Norman

I new zero about epilepsy as a child! As i got to about 19 (1969) my life started to go wrong. I had headaches of a different type, they were so painful i could not go to work or get out of bed. The light was painful and so was noises. My GP said it was headaches and gave me tablets which in fact made it worse. One day it was so bad i had my first seizure and it was a full tonic clonic and grand mal. I was rushed to
The Middlesex hospital and i am told i was still in a seizure 30 minutes later. I fell into a coma and did not come out of it for a day or so i am told. The original cause was a tumour on the brain. It was so bad that they said it had taken part of the speech side, so a slice of that section was removed as well. I was given medication in hospital that some times help but other times did not.The damage was so bad that i carried on having seizures hourly for quite some time in hospital.
The doctors sent me to a rest home in north london. I was there for a long time. The seizures varied in type and i found it difficult to live. Night and day sezures were common. \the doctors gave me 15 years to live! I went to the Hospital for regular check ups and medication changes. Over the years i learnt to control as best i could. So here i am in 2020 fifty plus years later still having seizures but not as bad. Thanks to The Middlesex Hospital who saved my life and all the other doctors over the years. I have seen so many other epilepsy sufferers and i consider myself lucky. Oh and thanks Epilepsy Action for their supportive help......

David Norman
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