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Lizzie and Jenny

"2016 will be 10 years (+1 day!) since I ran my first marathon, a lot has happened since then."

Lizzie has epilepsy. She had her first tonic-clonic seizure in 2010 while staying at her sister Jenny’s house. She said: “My first tonic-clonic seizure was the moment my life changed. I was told by doctors that I shouldn’t continue my work in live television galleries, a job that I loved, because the lights and monitors could be dangerous for me. I was also told that I couldn’t do any swimming, running or cycling in the near future. I didn’t know how to explain what had happened because I didn’t understand it. I didn’t know who I was anymore or what future lay ahead for me.

“On Sunday 24 April, I will be standing on the start line of the London Marathon with my sister Jenny. She has been a rock to me over the years. We will both proudly be wearing Epilepsy Action running vests.”

“Epilepsy Action has helped me realise that I do not need to place these limitations on my life. The information and support they have provided, along with the amazing support from my family, have helped me to learn about my condition. I now balance my life so I can avoid the things that trigger my seizures. I do not have photosensitive epilepsy, only four per cent of people with the condition do, so I have been able to return to work. I have also worked with my doctors to get my medicines right so that I have been able to start doing sport again."

Jenny said: “Epilepsy has had a huge impact on all of our lives. Watching Lizzie have seizures is really difficult. Epilepsy Action has been a constant source of support and information for my family. I am incredibly proud to be running the London Marathon to raise funds for this charity.”

Lizzie and Jennie are hoping to raise £3,500 for Epilepsy Action.

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Lizzie and Jenny
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