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I was diagnosed with Photo-Sensitive Epilepsy in 2009, when I was 11 years old. Just a month before my 12th birthday. Before I was diagnosed I had underlying issues which the GP and the Optician passed off as "just headaches" or a "motion sickness". It wasn't until I had my first seizure in 2009 that I was actually diagnosed and I was told that all of the underlying issues were just my epilepsy coming to a head. It had not even entered my mind, or my parents, that I could be epileptic. It came as quite a surprise for us and we didn't really know much about Epilepsy when I was first diagnosed. My seizures didn't happen very frequently, which was good as I could live a relatively normal life. However, this meant that I was unsure when my next seizure would occur. After having multiple in my sleep or just at home, my greatest fear was having a seizure outside of my house, whether it be at school or at a friends house. I tended to have seizures due to stress, as well as flashing lights. By May 2011, I had been put on medication (Keppra) to prevent seizures occurring and I had initially been told to stay on medication for 2 years. This had all come about as I had a seizure at a friends house and as well as scaring the person, despite them knowing as it's horrible to watch, it was also horrible for me, knowing that I had a seizure at a friends house. Up to this day I am still on Keppra as I didn't want to go through my GCSE's knowing what could potentially happen. At the end of my exams I intend on coming off my medication so that I can start my year off, in hope that I will be able to learn to drive before my 18th birthday.

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