I got diagnosed with epilepsy when I was eight after having two clonic tonic seizures. When I first got diagnosed I didn’t understand what epilepsy was all I knew is that it was bad. I was started off on medication called Keppra.

Epilepsy didn’t effect my life much as I got my seizures under control. But when I was ten I had a really bad seizure and my medication stopped working. The doctors switched me onto a new medication called Tegretol which didn’t work seem to work. So the doctors tried other medication but found it hard to find any that worked.

From age 10 I started to struggle with my epilepsy having seizure a couple times a month at one point having seizure over three times a week. I also started eating a keto diet to help with my epilepsy . It started to really effect my school work and friends. People started to make fun of me for my epilepsy and thought it was so funny to pretend to have seizures and mock me. My school grades also started to slip because I was missing a lot of school as after having a seizure I am so tired I can’t do anything for the rest of the day.

The hardest parts for me was school as everyone would make fun of me and I remember waking up on the ground after having a seizure knowing I was going to get made fun of the next day.

The doctors found a medication that worked for me in the summer holidays right before I started secondary school. The doctors prescribed me Lyrica which worked and took my seizure down to only 1-2 per month.

I still have epilepsy now over two years on from finding the medication and diet that works for me. I still have seizure ever 1-2 months but I love a normal life still. To all young people with epilepsy know to never give up it’s because it’s hard right now. Getting bullied because of epilepsy, struggling in school and not being able to control your seizures is really hard. But things do get better and with a combination of medications and diets you can beat epilepsy.

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