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Olivia Morel

My name is Olivia, I am 21 years old and I was diagnosed with tonic- clonic epilepsy when I was 6 months old. My condition is rather sporadic, and I have no idea when my episodes will come and the many doctors I have been to never seem to know either. Epilepsy has come to me over the years, normally with 6 year intervals, and there is no denying that the after effects of each episode have always left me with difficult consequences. It has taken me a long time to accept my condition, to not be in denial about it, and to know that it is ok to get down about it every once in a while. Writing this poem was not difficult because it is about a topic that is very close to my heart.

Tidal Wave

All at once, you came,
I felt you, you’re there:
Uninvited, unpredictable, indescribable
Words cannot voice what I what to
Explain: envision one world, just to receive another, put it that way, Out of my hands, it seems….
Your heavy burden, your effects are there, everlasting,
Not knowing how, but you’ve arrive, and you’re there:
Stripping the particles that made me me,
And everything I wanted and worked to be.
The journey was long, I took me there,
Until you took me somewhere, unknown, ask where?
Unconscious I was, though still I
Knew: they were questions only the
Speechless could answer; left me on my own. With my head in the
Clouds, and my body, still there.
Like a tidal wave, you did surround me, wrap around me until there was nothing but the
Remnants of the memories you left,
Ones I had to piece back together again: a jigsaw puzzle that took me years to solve. A turning of emotions
Overwhelming, consuming, enough to make me cry:
Cry out to the terror rolling around in my empty view- less eyes. Who am I? With new eyes that cannot
See.... You seize me, you’re strong. Still trying, hold on, hold on, I
Do, and I’m alive: my head above the water, brought back to the earth. To learn the signs, take my chance, tell now: I’ll be r
Ready next time for when I see you

Olivia Morel
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