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Rachel Crossley-watters

Experienced my first seizure at 9 years old as I was leaving an assembly. It was the most bizaar experience that I still struggle to describe, like every sensation you could imagine all happening at once in my abdomen, taking over my small body as my head filled with intense thoughts. I walked down the corridor to my classroom in an absolute daze and when it was over I forgot it had even happened, until a few weeks later it happened again! I have Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and 13 years later I'm still learning how to live my life with it, knowing it can strike again at any moment! I feel like I have a constant stalker!
I now have very little short term memory and have very poor facial recognition because of the seizures and the medication I am on, so I struggle to get to know people. Everytime I forget a huge thing in my friends lives I feel like they deserve better than me as a friend. Thankfully they've always been very understanding!
Epilepsy is in my life now, but I won't let it take over my life! I just do things a little differently, and that's okay!

Rachel Crossley-watters
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