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Untitled poem, by Andrew

This poem was an entry in Epilepsy Today's first-ever festive poetry contest: Outside the lines.

I have had epilepsy for 36 years, which I got after having measles when I was two years old. I am a self-employed gardener and I have been running my own business for 19 years. I am married with three children who have always supported me, especially when I had status epilepticus six years ago.


My first special wish is to see my family playing with their presents around the Christmas tree.
Their beautiful faces glowing and full of glee.
My other special wish hopefully to see the chain of epilepsy stigma broken free.
I have lived with epilepsy forever and hopefully there will be a cure and until that day my heart will stay pure.
Epilepsy used to make me tearful and now it's made me stronger than it ever has before.
I aim to fulfill my dreams like others can do and though it may take longer.
I will always persevere to do as epilepsy you have made me stronger and have been truly blessed with a loving family who will always help me through.

Untitled poem, by Andrew
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