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New medication, by Samuel

This poem was an entry in Epilepsy Today's first-ever festive poetry contest: Outside the lines.

A stroke in 1998 left me with epilepsy. I single-parented between one and three daughters, depending who was at their mum’s. They’ve grown and flown. I do volunteer work in an organic market garden, at a town park and at a country park/lake. I sometimes compose music and poetry.

New medication

Bang! Another seizure takes me.
The gnashing it causes takes teeth!
Thank you dentist for the plastics and amalgam.
They’re not like they used to be
But it will do to replace them.

Splash! Another seizure takes me.
The soaking it causes gives me red cheeks.
Thanks shopkeeper for the use of your backroom.
Good job I remembered some spare legwear.
I’ll take the wet ones home in an opaque carrier.

Crash! Another seizure takes me.
Sorry mum I’ve given you half my dinner,
As I failed and sent my plate flying.
Good thinking to give me the plastic one.
Let me tidy up after I’ve landed.

Crack! Another seizure takes me.
What? A collarbone and a knee?
Thanks for these painkillers, are they safe with my epilepsy meds?
Ok…? Three times a day? Don’t forget?
Now rest my head?

What? Oh, another seizure took me.
We were talking about dad,
The times we shared, with him good, without him bad,
And mum, they made us what we are,
And built the staircase we climbed to start getting here.

Hmmm, my new tablets are strange.
Doctor gave me them as the old ones weren’t working.
I was having so many seizures,
It was just like when they started.
They’re working so far – I hope they do for everyone

Hey! I haven’t had a big one all week now,
Perhaps these new tablets ARE doing me good.
The new side effects are a bit unusual,
But in a month they’ll be better, doc said they would.
I’ll not raise my hopes too far, but I almost feel normal!

New medication, by Samuel
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