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of everyone affected by epilepsy

Seizure, by Barry

This poem was an entry in Epilepsy Today's first-ever festive poetry contest: Outside the lines.

I live In Hull and was a support worker for adults with learning difficulties and epilepsy.


Christmas Eve the night carer is asleep, my limbs are
fixed like a sidewinder stunned by a sandstorm.
Outside a bird shakes a worm. A seizure,
my dance of remembrance, forgive me – the form
is rough, I would like to offer moves with
elegance, smoother incantations for the
one who was crucified. Does it not thrive,
is it possible to detect perceptibly
cadences more perfect within the season
of seizures? A will that is pure pervades
the manoeuvres of war, one man’s passion,
a shadow dance serves to advance, parade
correct moves. My condition costumes the
conscious mind and Christ costumes humanity.

Seizure, by Barry
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