We fight to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy

A Ship Called Dignity, by Jill

This poem was an entry in Epilepsy Today's first-ever festive poetry contest: Outside the lines.

This poem has been influenced by my own experiences with living with epilepsy and its socio-economic consequences. I hope by reading it, people will feel motivated, empowered and positive.


Days ebb away, no sense of time,
Dreams dissipate that once were mine
I dread the word that now defines me
Hate the way this condition defiles me
When fear is harder than the pain
Difficult for me to see a gain
Drugs are keeping me alive, the only way to survive
My self belief will not subside, with courage I must abide
Yet I have seen the positive view, the contacts made
The kindness shown by professionals and friends unknown
Remember those who have not survived, in their memory I will strive
Relieved that I am seizure free, yet this is not enough for me
Think of those hid away in shame and fear, afraid of stigma and fear
Helping others is my choice, especially those who have no voice
I am not a victim anymore, now I work to find a cure
Not an issue we can ignore, for those of us who must endure
Afraid to breathe, afraid to talk difficulty to even walk
Give a talk, a wave, a prayer – show people that you really care
Someday we will look back in awe at everything we fought for
So wear your purple heart with pride, remembering all those who died.

A Ship Called Dignity, by Jill
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