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Penelope dunn

In August 2014, when I was 25, I had a tonic-clonic seizure whilst driving on the M62. Luckily noone else was involved and apart from a few bumps and bruises I was fine. My car, however, was written off as the roof had to be cut off to get me out.

I don't remember the actual accident or how I felt immediately before it. The following 5 days are pretty sketchy too.

Prior to my car accident I had 2 incidents which we now know are caused by my epilepsy. One of these was at work which was embarrassing. I saw doctors and had blood pressure and ECG tests but they were put down as "bad feints".

During my hospital stay after the accident I had an MRI scan and they found a cavernoma (cluster of malformed blood vessels) in the right parietal lobe of my brain. This is the root of my, now diagnosed, epilepsy. I was prescribed Lamotrigine and whilst the doctors were finding the correct dosage for me I had 2 more seizures - one in at work (cringe!) and perhaps more embarrassingly in Morrisons.

Thankfully I am now over 3 years seizure free and after 16 months of not driving I got my licence back, which felt absolutely incredible to have that freedom again.

I have written in more detail about my condition here: https://theseizurechronicles.wordpress.com/

Penelope dunn
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