Hannah Burrows

I got epilepsy at age of 6 but I didn't get the the treatment I desperately needed until I was 16.

I grew up thinking I was lazy, stupid etc. I then moved in with my aunt who tried her best but mum had already done too much damage and I didn't believe in myself and still struggle with low confidence.

I tried to live with my mum in 99 which was was a disastrous and I moved back to my aunt. I was told I didn't have epilepsy and was making it all up.

My aunt knew better.

Isaw another specialist who agreed. He put me on other tablets, for a few years I could again "forget" I had epilepsy. I had a job and went to college.

Life was good.

We moved to Wales, I had been suffering from dizzy spells for a while but was coping. The new specialist I saw said epilepsy can't change.

They got worse.

I ended up in hospital after traveling to York and Bristol. Both specialists told me epilepsy don't change.

I gave up. I lost my job. The dizzy spells got worse.

I lost my temper with my specialist, my GP was not amused!

But I was transferred to Birmingham.

Finally I was listed to.

Tablets was changed. I felt better but my trust had been broken.

I now don't say if I think my epilepsy is changing and I have trouble getting my tablets from the chemist if it is something wrong I worry and I can't let any one else pick my tablets up.

Then 7 years ago I pushed for a VNS implant and my life took a unexpected journey.

It has been hard trip but the trip with the with the VNS has taken me from Birmingham to Costa Rica to my first battery change in Cardiff.

Hannah Burrows
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