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Robert Kane

I was born with epilepsy in 1957 and I was reciving liquid phinobarbitone as a baby till I was the age to swallow pills.

I was taking really bad seizures which were grand mal seizures. I was guarenteed I never spent a full day at school in the whole of the 7 yrs at primary.

The doctor started to change my pills when I was going to primary 5, I used to attend Glasgow hospital once a month and it was guarenteed they would change me to a diffrent pill. I felt like a guinea pig.

As the years went by throughout secondary school going into 3rd year age 15, the seizures stopped, so I continued in life withought any meds for epilepsy, so was able to go out and take a normal job.

I worked in a shop for 2 yrs then left there to find a job waiting for me which I always wanted on the farm. I worked on one farm for 3 yrs but things there got bad so there was some pay offs, but a week later and I got another job working on a farm.

For over 12 yrs there was only the boss and myself so you may say I was my own boss as I never seen him half of the year unless I needed him. Then he decided to build his own house and we were puting shuttering in and he hit my thumb with aa 14lb hammer and took the top half off.

There's a main nerve runs from your thumb to your brain which caused the seizures to return. I went through all the different pills and 2 of the last pills I was on was lamictal and eplim, then was put on keppra and lamital. Since then I've been 5yrs seizure free.

Robert Kane
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