Soooo ... 11 years ago, I woke up late for work and I was tired and was ironing my uniform when suddenly my tummy felt weird and all of a sudden I had De-Ja-Vu.

These continued every 3 months. Exactly on the 12th week. I liked the feeling, when I felt them happening I would go somewhere where I was alone and enjoy the feeling build up.

Even though I liked the feeling, it wasn’t a normal thing to experience, so my GP referred me to a neurologist, who then sent me for an MRI of my brain and EEG. Everything was normal.

I then went four years with nothing as I completely changed to healthy eating, I started lane swimming and really took my health into consideration.

Until ... it came back. Four years later! This time it happened every 8 weeks. Then every 6 weeks.

Last year during a late night TV session I was laying in bed and felt an aura coming on. It came and went and I rolled over and went to sleep. I woke up an hour later, my back was in pain, my legs aches and I had blood on my pillow from my bleeding tongue. I also had a rash around my eyes.

Following normal MRI and blood tests results I was put on Lamotrigine. I developed awful anxiety I was fearful of having seizures in public or around loved ones, I would get a racing heart at any twinge or slight feeling horrified something was about to happen.

This brings me up to date. Not a day that goes by that I’m not on auto pilot. I don’t feel in control and anxiety and panic is now part of me.

Why did it get worse over the years?
What made it disappear for 4 years?

Sending love to anyone reading this!
Comments welcome x

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