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Daniel - National Epilepsy Week 2019

“One time I had a seizure on the platform at London Bridge. Luckily, a member of the public was able to catch me as I was about to fall in my tonic clinic seizure. They protected my head, administered first aid and stayed with me until a member of my family got to the station and picked me up.  

“My wife has told me this story. I was walking whilst on the phone her and started to have a seizure.  A passer-by saw what happened and helped me. He managed to get help from another stranger, who worked nearby, and who called an ambulance. While they were waiting they protected my head and put me in recovery position. They also notified my wife and stayed with me until she arrived. 

“I don’t think it is simple for the public to step in.  It’s depends if the helper is first aid trained or aware of epilepsy. In my case, I get an aura before, so I’m able to seek help from those around me. A lot of the general public are scared to help because they don’t know what to do, or they think someone with epilepsy is drunk. 

“I carry an epilepsy ID card in my wallet and also wear a medical bracelet. A few helpers have accessed my phone and used the emergency setting to call a relative of mine.

“My previous experiences have put me and my wife at ease. I feel more positive about my day to day life and public being helpful. So far, I feel very safe out and about.”

Daniel - National Epilepsy Week 2019
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