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My name is Jodie-Marie, I began having seizures at the age of 12. My first seizure took place at school in an English classroom, of course this raised issues. The next few months were constant check ups and tests and for a while it almost felt as if I lived in hospital. However, tests such as EEG's and MRI'S proved inconclusive because the form of epilepsy I had a delayed diagnosis of 2 years afterwards is stress related.

By this time my condition deteriorated  due to me being undiagnosed which meant it was hard to determine how to help me. I went from having a seizure every couple of months to have a couple a day. As all people suffering with seizures know, you can't control when/where it happens hence a lot of my seizures happened at school and then comes the phrase 'kids can be cruel'. I was attacked anonymously on social media and some people weren't even hesitant to make a snide comment to my face, this led to me having severe confidence issues and social anxiety.

There came a time I felt as if I was on a train that only went down until I was given a diagnosis and I am now having cognitive behaviour therapy which is reducing the frequency of my seizures. My amazing family, friends and boyfriend have been nothing but supportive and I could never have got to this stage without them. Things are looking up for me :)

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