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Hi I'm Nour and I'm 22,

Today i'm gonna write my story I have epilepsy since I was 13(2006), First time I fainted and then my family got worried so I did check up like EEG,MRI etc. and we knew that I have epilepsy actually, I didn't know what is EPILEPSY?
My dad started giving me medication I was wondering why I'm taking it, he told me you are sick you should take it and some times I FORGET to take my medication.

I remember it was tegretor then one day I opened my eyes and I saw my self in my dad arms and I felt stress and my hand get hurt and with the days,months and years dad brought computer for me and internet so the first thing I did was searching for the meaning of EPILEPSY and what is it?? I read a lot and I saw videos when the person have seizure it really made me cry for the first time because no one inform me that my body jerks and about having seizure I was shocked for days and I kept reading about epilepsy till I knew that my epilepsy is called ( primary generalized epilepsy) and my seizure (Tonic- clonic seizure)

My family was always afraid to take me out with them they don't want any one to know what I have cause in my country epilepsy is scary and they think negative things about it we all who have epilepsy suffers of keeping this secret inside us when any one ask us why you are not going out and having fun like us we keep silent because our society doesn't know the truth of epilepsy, for them epilepsy scares and some times funny when they see us falling n having seizure, any ways when i reached 16 I started taking lamitcal 100gm twice a day and some times I fall then the last year in school for me was hard I was falling alot but thanks god it was all at home then when I finished school I went to my appointment in the hospital the doctor add keppra 500gm twice a day with lamictal and now I'm going with it and seizure comes when I'm not sleeping well but if i slept well no seizure no worries so any one who takes medication of epilepsy sleep well cause med is not enough you should take rest and keep your brain works :p the last time I fall was before 6 months that was because I didn't sleep for more than one day and I hope its the last seizure,I promised my self that I'm gonna sleep well till the last day of my life , I resist and I will keep resisting till the miracle comes and all who have epilepsy will stops suffering :)

PRAYERS+ HOPE+ FAITH+ CONFIDENT = MIRACLE WILL EXISTS make this 4 words in your life because god can do any thing for you :)

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