Richard Doyle

I was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy as a young child predominately affectng my right side which deals wth emotions due to lesions caused on both sides at birth..its effects both in terms of symptoms & more so in treatment by work & family has been severe. I've only just come to understand since 2014 that my extreme behaviour at times both non physical aggression & being too involved emotionally with women on dating sites too early for instance never having had a partner, is the result turning my world upsde down ..I have been told by mother for instance who i've no choice but to live with because my (only other relative my sister won't even discuss or acknowledge my up & coming operation at southmead in bristol), that i'd no right to get upset & express remorse after once knocking her leg,on one of these occasions & in appearing in trying to pull my life off the floor to be only thinking of myself although she's fully aware of my underlying character which wouldn't do something like that in a month of sundays. The Feeling of Isolation except with close friends & my DEA for instance has been extreme at times having faced losing my jobs for the last twenty years because of a lack of understanding & unable to attend work, has prompted thoughts of suicide. All i can hope is others like myself stand up for themselves & recognise their right to exist. Not just some carers who feel throwing money & material goods at the problem, like my mother & sister mean the most to a sufferer like myself..Best of luck to anybody who reads this & just hang on in there!!

Richard Doyle
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