Linda Nurse

I was a breach baby & suffered severe Brain Damage due to forceps delivery plus suffered a sub-dural Brain Haemorrage. I had my first seizure at 6 & was told I had Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. I would have 3 - 4 seizures a week and was worse when on monthly cycle my seizures were a mixture peti Mal & Grand Mal.

It affected schooling, employment, income & social life. In my 30's they asked if I would try the new drug Topamax but was not told all the side effects it causes as it got too strong for my brain, hallucinations & hearing voices which lead to a psychotic breakdown, it took a while to get myself back to normal.

I then turned and studied Alternative Medicine & natural remedies plus did Yoga & Meditation & found it was helping as my seizures got less and I was more confident and positive. Now I have gone through Menopause and have gone 5 yrs seizure free

Linda Nurse
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