We exist to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy

Living with epilepsy events

Why should I come to a Living With Epilepsy event?

Of the 600,000 people with epilepsy in the UK, around half of those are still having seizures. We think that, with better treatment, 100,000 more people could be seizure–free.

At this event, we want to you find out about the treatment options available. Plus we want to give you a face–to–face opportunity to learn about the resources we can offer to support you in managing your epilepsy.

By coming, you'll:

  • get to know the treatments available for epilepsy beyond medication
  • learn about the eight steps we suggest to better treatment
  • find out about how Epilepsy Action can help you
  • learn new skills to help manage health and wellbeing
  • get better quality of life through self–care

Where and when are these events?

Tuesday 6 December 2016Romford: Salvation Army Centre, High Street Learn more Book now

These events are sponsored by LivaNova.  LivaNova developed and markets the Vagal Nerve Stimulation (VNS) therapy system.  LivaNova has no editoral control on the content.

Event Date: 
Wednesday 4 May 2016 - 10:08

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