Epilepsy Action support and epilepsy clinics near you

Coronavirus - Branches and coffee and chat groups

All local branch and group face to face meetings and activities have been suspended.

We realise that many people rely on their group meetings and activities for information and support. Many of our local groups have therefore started meeting virtually using Zoom. To find out if your local group is meeting virtually please search for epilepsy support in your area.

If there is not a local virtual group in your area then you could join one of our virtual groups which are open to anyone in the UK. They are a great way of connecting with others who have experience of epilepsy, in a safe and relaxed environment.

If you cannot access support through a virtual group, or would like to speak to someone about epilepsy, our trained advisers are here to help. We offer confidential and personal advice through our helpline.

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Epilepsy Action support and epilepsy clinics near you