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Epilepsy Scottish Highlands

Epilepsy Scottish Highlands

6 Thurso, Thurso, KW14 8QX, United Kingdom

Our Facebook group is a very informal, friendly group made up of people with epilepsy, plus some parents, brothers and sisters, friends and carers of people with epilepsy. You can join even if you’re someone who just wants to learn more. Don’t be shy, feel free to ask questions, share knowledge and experiences, make friends with people who understand.

We also have meetings once a month in Thurso and once a month in Wick.

Please note, this group is not run by Epilepsy Action. Please contact the group directly if you want to find out more information.

The group has only been in existence for a short while and is already growing fast, with members from all over the Highlands. Marc, the group founder, can also be contacted on 07925 305274.

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