The Neuro Pledge campaign has now finished.

On behalf of Epilepsy Action and The Neurological Alliance, thank you for your support.

We’ll be working with the MPs who took the #NeuroPledge2019 to raise issues that affect people with epilepsy and other neurological conditions in Parliament.

Going forward, we will keep you updated about our progress with the Neuro Pledge asks and all our other work in Parliament.

During the 2019 General Election, Epilepsy Action and The Neurological Alliance asked parliamentary candidates to take the #NeuroPledge2019. The Neurological Alliance is a coalition of around 80 organisations working together to create positive change for people living with neurological conditions.

The current health and welfare system is not meeting the needs of many people with neurological conditions, including epilepsy. Too many people experience long delays in getting a diagnosis, poor quality mental health care and inadequate welfare support.

This needs to change.

That's why we asked parliamentary candidates to take the Neuro Pledge. In doing so they stood with people affected by neurological conditions in calling for:

  1. An increase in the neurology workforce across the NHS, including specialist nurses and neurologists
  2. A welfare system that properly supports people with neurological conditions
  3. Improved mental health support for people with neurological conditions

Thanks to your support, over 75 parliamentary candidates took the Neuro Pledge to campaign for better health and welfare services. 16 of these candidates are now MPs and we'll be working with them to help push epilepsy and other neurological conditions up the agenda in this parliament.

Event Date: 
Monday 18 November 2019