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Anti-epileptic drug may prevent migraines

21 Aug 2000

A report in the Spring 2000 issue of Headache Quarterly, reports that the Anti epileptic drug Tiagabine can prevent migraine attacks.

Dr Frederick Freitag, from the Diamond Headache Clinic in Illinois, USA, conducted a trial of Tiagabine in 41 patients who had failed treatment with another medication.

33 of these patients experienced 50 per cent improvement in their migraines while using this drug. Of these, 12 experienced adverse side effects such as: tiredness, weight gain, confusion, and poor memory, with 9 people discontinuing the use of Tiagabine because of the side effects.

Dr Freitag comments that "..tiagabine would appear to be a reasonable alternative to Depakote or other anti epileptic drugs for prevention of migraine."