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Call for more epilepsy education in Malaysia

30 Nov 2004

Greater awareness of epilepsy amongst the general public of Malaysia is needed according to the country's Epilepsy Society.

The society's president Dr Hussain Imam Muhammad Ismail told The Star Online
that epilepsy continues to be a problem in Malaysia especially in rural
areas where it is believed to be caused by the devil because the person
loses consciousness and produces unusual sounds or reports hearing
things and where the family of the person with epilepsy normally
consults mediums or bomohs [faith healers] for treatment.

Malaysian Epilepsy Society hopes to launch a National Epilepsy Day as
part of their ‘out-of-shadows' campaign and efforts are being made to
educate the public on epilepsy through road shows and forums.

Dr Hussain added:

the world, epilepsy is a secret disease. People do not admit to having
it. The intention of the campaign is to bring epileptics out and give
them a place in society.'