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Drug company says Topamax leads to weight loss

11 Jun 2001

Obese people with epilepsy taking the anti-epilepsy drug Topamax (topiramate) have lost over 11 per cent of their body weight in one year, according to research by the drug's manufacturer, Johnson and Johnson.

Topamax is currently used solely for the treatment of epilepsy, but Johnson and Johnson are investiging the drug's uses for a number of other conditions, including obesity and migraine headaches.

Joe Scodari, a senior research executive with the company, claimed in a meeting this week that a weight loss of 11-12 per cent was seen in obese patients who took Topamax in an earlier clinical trial for 1 year as a treatment for epilepsy. "I don't know of any other product doing that," he said.

People with epilepsy who were not obese also elost weight but less than obese people.