Change to Lamictal (lamotrigine) tablets packaging

28 Jun 2022

We’ve received some calls on our helpline from people who have noticed a change to the packaging of their Lamictal tablets.

We know changes to epilepsy medicine can cause concern, so we contacted GlaxoSmithKline, who make Lamictal, about this. They confirmed that the packaging has recently changed from transparent plastic blister packs to white plastic blister packs.

They confirmed there have been no changes to the medicine itself. The tablets inside are still the same as usual.

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I am finding the new packaging very difficult to open - does anyone else have this problem.

Submitted by Ruth Kerrigan

Yes, me too. I really don’t like the new packaging as the tablet crumbles around the edges when you try and open it. I’m sure I’m on a smaller dose due to this!

Submitted by Viv

I too am struggling to get my tablets out of the new packaging. I have resorted to using a pointed ended nail file to try and pluck the tablets out !!

Submitted by Nic B

I was relieved to see there was no change to the tablets. Thanks

Submitted by Heidi Feather
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