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Epilim Chrono 200mg ongoing shortage in UK

2 Nov 2017

Update as of 5 December 2017

These tablets are still out of stock. Sanofi expects to have more stock available from 18 December 2017.

Some pharmacists are having problems getting hold of Epilim Chrono 200mg tablets due to an ongoing shortage. Sanofi are currently out of stock of these tablets. They expect to send more stock to wholesalers around 13 November 2017.

Sanofi last sent supplies of Epilim Chrono 200mg to wholesalers on 24 October, so some may still have stock. Your pharmacist can contact Sanofi customer services to find out which wholesalers have had deliveries.

All other doses of Epilim Chrono are in stock.

If you have any concerns about getting your medicine, speak to your doctor, epilepsy nurse or epilepsy specialist. We will update this page when we know more about this stock situation.

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Why aren't people who take the above tablet is in short supply told with immediate effect of this problem, or do want the epilepsy grand mal seizures to increase dramatically. I suggest you apologise to us NOW

Submitted by Keith Thomas on

As these tablets have a long shelf life and presumably demand for the tablets is relatively stable why is there no stockpile maintained. I am counting down my last lot of tablets. It is not clear who is addressing this as my doctor told me to hunt around and pharmacy says they are looking. I cannot go around asking for the tablets without a prescription which is currently stuck with my usual pharmacy!

Submitted by Lance on

Hi Lance

We are aware of how frustrating it is for people with epilepsy to have such regular shortages of their epilepsy medicines.

Sometimes it can be about availability of the core ingredient. Sometimes there are licensing problems. Once there was a fire in a manufacturing plant.

It’s possible your pharmacist may have a clearer idea about what the problem with Epilim Chrono has been. Hopefully the stocks are coming back in now. If they have arrived but not yet reached the wholesalers your pharmacist could contact Sanofi and see if they could send an emergency supply.



Epilepsy Action Helpline Team

Submitted by Cherry-Epilepsy... on

It's not just Chrono - my Pharmacist has tried to get Epilim 500mg Gastro-Resistant tablets for 2 weeks from 4 different wholesalers. Have Epilepsy Action contacted Sanofi to find out what the problem is?

Submitted by Natalie on

I can’t believe that the day before I am due my repeat prescription that I have taken for 20 years I have only just been informed that I am unable to get the medication that has controlled my seizures!!!...people rely on this medication to function in a daily basis!...my medication is my independence..a seizure for me now would mean for me to lose my drivers license as well as my job!!, so WHY on earth has no patient been made aware of this shortage?!, I have seen my doctor who is very good, however....has told me that this is a “hands together” situation til more stock are available...in other words ...let’s just hope the substitute Epilim I have been given controls my condition..after being seizure free for 14 years!!!

Submitted by Leanne on

My medication is my independence...,I have been seizure free for 14 yrs. I can’t believe that this situation can happen, this affects people’s everyday lives!....I was told the day before I collected my repeat prescription that my Epilim was not a available!!!...I had to wait until I was 27 before I was able to learn to drive and now run the risk of a seizure and losing my license or worse!!

Submitted by Freebies on

I am an ex-pat brit that has taken epilim chrono for 17 years - have been fit-free for 16 years. pharmacist has warned me noto be complacent, by halving my twice a day dose, when using my remaining stock of pills. I kept a good reserve stock, just in case.

why does Anofi not do the same? - so a tempory problem will not cause an immediate shortage? profit, thats why, financing a stock would cost them.

I suggest all people whofit because of this combine together, for a class action legal case against sanofi. in USA best, its a common action there.

big pharma stinks, imo.

Submitted by robert on

now 28 january 2018. no stocks seem to be in the distribution chain.

has any patient suceeded in getting the product?

no recent update by sanofi on this site, I can see.

are Sanofi bankrupt - closing?

anyone found a 200mg time-release alternative, they are happy with?

Submitted by robert on

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