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27 Mar 2007

Zarontin capsules

We have been informed by Pfizer Limited that Zarontin capsules have now been discontinued. There is no supply left. Pfizer Limited has advised that patients currently taking Zarontin capsules should consult their GP for advice.  

Emeside capsules (ethosuximide 250 mg): change of name

Chemidex Pharma Ltd has provided us with the following statement regarding Emeside capsules:

"From February 2007 EmesideTM (ethosuximide 250 mg) Capsules will be supplied by Essential Generics under the name Ethosuximide 250 mg Capsules, and stocks of EmesideTM  Capsules will be phased out.

"The capsule formulation & specifications, manufacturer, pack size, and NHS price remain unaffected. Only the product name, supplier name and pack design are affected.

"Ethosuximide 250 mg Capsules will be available from March 2007 from our distributors Healthcare Logistics.

"EmesideTM (ethosuximide 250 mg) Capsules are expected to remain available until April 2007

"EmesideTM 250 mg/5 ml Syrup will continue to remain available as before."