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Lamictal low in stock

20 Mar 2017

UPDATED GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has told us it is having problems with the supply of Lamictal. This is due to manufacturing problems.

Update as of 20 March 2017:

GSK is still having problems with supply of Lamictal. The following doses are currently out of stock:

  • 2 mg CD (chewable dispersible) tablets
  • 25 mg dispersible tablets
  • 50 mg tablets
  • 100 mg tablets

GSK expects these to be back in stock in early April.

All other doses of Lamictal are currently in stock.

Update as of February 8 2017:

50 mg tablets are back in stock.

100 mg tablets are now out of stock. GSK are due to get some stock in this week, and expect to be back to full stock levels in the week commencing 13th March.

Original story:

50 mg tablets: low in stock. The current stock is due to last until the end of January. GSK don’t know when they will be back in stock.

100 mg tablets: low in stock. GSK expects stock to be back to normal on 6 February.

200 mg tablets: stock levels are normal.

When we get an update on this situation we will update this page.

If you have any concerns about this please speak to your doctor or epilepsy nurse. 

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I got caught by the Lamictal shortage this week. The electronic prescription worked but the pharmacy just did nothing as they couldn't get stock. By the time I contacted them I had barely a week in stock and they seemed relaxed about leaving me without. It was only when I applied very heavy pressure that they agreed to investigate, found that 50mg were available, got me to conse to taking 2 50mg per dose asked the GP, and then ordered the stock.

Surely one should expect the pharmacy to say there is a problem and come up with a solution.

I suspect that at least part of the cause is that GSK, wholesalers, and major pharmacy chain all carry minimal stock so the slightest interruption is passed on to the patient almost immediately. I am going to build up at least a two month overstock of my epilepsy drugs, rotating them of courde, so that I will have a buffer against further supply interruptions if required.

Submitted by Christopher Elson on

surely our personal epilepsy nurse should be aware of this, and should of let us know, this is ridiculous, if this is the case we should be put onto another tablet, im slowly being uped on my lamictal as I keep having fits!!! I started having fits in 2015 and it took me to have 12 fits before I was reffered to neurology were I then had a ct scan and eeg, were it was then a definite diagnosis. im 24 years old and sometimes I feel that low I feel that life is not worth living, I don't have anyone I can talk to or know anyone with epilepsy, my partner is great but he don't fully grasp the mentality of what im feeling or how frustrating it is. any one on here help me??? I live outside newry and would love to be able to talk to someone who can actually grasp what it is to be epileptic?????

Submitted by rosearee reid on

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