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Strike action in France could cause shortages of Sanofi valproate medicines

1 Apr 2020

Update on 1 April 2020

Sanofi has told us they expect stock of 200mg Epilim gastro-resistant tablets will be back to normal levels from 10 April. There is good supply of other Epilim products.

Sanofi also says Depakote (valproic acid) gastro-resistant 250mg and 500mg tablets are out of stock, but will be back in stock from 10 April.

5 March 2020

The drug company Sanofi has told us there may be some shortages of its valproate-based medicines, including Epilim, in the coming months.

This is due to ongoing strike action at their manufacturing plant in France where valproate is made.

At the moment Sanofi are warning of localised shortages of 200mg Epilim gastro-resistant (sodium valproate) tablets. This means these tablets may be out of stock in some areas of the country, but in stock in others. Sanofi is working to manage this situation, including re-distributing stock around the country.

If you take Epilim and have concerns about availability of your medicine, speak to your pharmacist. They can contact their supplier to check availability in your area. If your pharmacist has any questions about Epilim availability they can contact Sanofi customer services on 0800 854 430 for help.

If the type of Epilim you take is not available, contact your GP or epilepsy specialist for advice. They may suggest taking a different formulation of Epilim (for example prolonged release tablets, liquid or granules) or another manufacturer’s version of sodium valproate.

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Good day I have been taking Epilim 200mg for the past 31 years and am very happy with the usage. Only once in attempting to wean off it's usage at age 30 did I have 3 seizures in quick succession so that my usage resumed and now am on it for life.
There is a local shortage both in pharmacies and with the local supplier. Can I order direct? And if so can I get 2 boxes direct order until the situation is resolved.

Submitted by saira la foucade on
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