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Epilepsy awareness training for Pakistani doctors

3 Dec 2002

Children with epilepsy in the Sindh province of Pakistan will benefit from an epilepsy awareness and training programme, organised by the provincial government's schools' health services department.

Dr Asif Zaman, deputy director of the department, told the Dawn on Sunday newspaper, that 260 doctors would be taking part in the programme, entitled 'Epilepsy and other forms of unconsciousness among children'.

Dr Zaman added:

"The organizations working in collaboration with us are providing only technical advisory to our doctors who, in turn, will inform teachers about the disease so that they could help students suffering from epilepsy.

"The epilepsy training programme would go a long way towards disseminating information about the disease in the public. Besides, it would provide doctors with an opportunity to update their knowledge and skills which would come in handy while treating patients, especially children, stricken with this largely misunderstood disease."

The programme was being organised in conjunction with the neurology department of the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, the Global Campaign against Epilepsy, the International Bureau of Epilepsy and the World Health Organization.