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Epilepsy charity expresses concern over report into suspended epilepsy specialist

23 Jul 2001

The charity British Epilepsy Association (BEA) has expressed deep concern following the announcement by the Leicester Royal Infirmary regarding the suspension of Paediatric Neurologist Dr. Andrew Holton. The Association welcomed the hospital’s review of Dr. Holton’s patients’ case notes.

BEA Chief Executive, Philip Lee, said:

"We share the natural and understandable anxieties and worries of the parents and children involved. We expect the hospital to do everything in its power to expedite their review and to fully involve and inform all those who might be affected.

"We also expect the hospital to provide appropriate support and counselling for the families before, during and after the review process."

He added:

"The difficulties in Leicester highlight a wider national problem of childhood epilepsy. There are simply not enough paediatric experts in the condition and only 62 paediatric neurologists in the whole country to care for an estimated 61,000 children with epilepsy."

BEA’s advice to any concerned parent in Leicester is to contact Leicester Royal Infirmary (telephone 0116 258 7511). Alternatively, BEA provides authoritative, independent and confidential advice and information through its Epilepsy Helpline (0808 800 50 50) and its website.

Nationally, parents should contact their child’s Consultant or GP if they have any worries about their care and treatment. Or they should contact BEA.