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Epilepsy charity launches educational CD-Rom 

21 Nov 2000

A new educational CD-Rom has been launched by British Epilepsy Association (BEA), the leading patient representative organisation for epilepsy. The CD-Rom, Discovering Epilepsy takes the form of an interactive quiz and is aimed at increasing understanding about epilepsy among 9-16 year olds, their peers and families and has been welcomed by the Department of Health as a useful and informative tool.

The CD-Rom takes the form of an adventure computer game. Assuming no previous knowledge of epilepsy, the game encourages the player to explore a number of rooms –the Office, the Science Lab, the Clinic and the Map Room. Each room offers easy to understand information on living with epilepsy plus facts and figures about the condition, e.g. the TV Room offers video clips, diaries and a chance to interview young people about their own experiences.

1 in 130 people have epilepsy but myths and misconceptions still surround the condition making accurate and accessible information is essential. Research undertaken by BEA has shown that 45 per cent of people surveyed still think you should put a hard object such as a spoon into the mouth of someone having a seizure which is potentially very dangerous.

Mike Moran, Epilepsy Services Manager for BEA said: “We wanted to produce something that would engage the minds of children at all ages but would also be a useful resource for teachers or parents. By accessing the epilepsy information through an exploratory game children are more likely to take an interest in and retain the important educational points on the CD. For a child who has been diagnosed with epilepsy it is an ideal way to find out more about their condition.”

One copy of the CD Rom will be distributed free to all schools in England and Wales.