We fight to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy

Epilepsy clinical guidance open for consultation

17 Dec 2003

The National
Institute for Clinical Excellence
(NICE) has presented
its clinical practice guidance on epilepsy, developed for use in the
National Health Service (NHS) in England and Wales, for the first round
of consultation.

Two documents are
available from the NICE
- the full version of the guidance
and the short version - for
review by stakeholders.

NICE are welcoming
comments through registered
such as Epilepsy Action and
suggest that members of the public who wish to comment should do so
through the registered stakeholder that "most closely represents your
interests". Comments received by Epilepsy Action will form part of
the submission to NICE
made by
both Epilepsy
and the Joint
Epilepsy Council
, the umbrella body that exists to enable 21 organisations
in the UK and Ireland to work together for the benefit of people with

Once this first consultation
process has concluded, the provisional guidance recommendations will
be reconsidered in the light of the comments
received. The final guidance will be prepared and submitted to NICE,
which will, in July 2004, publish the guidance in three versions - a
full version, a short version and a patients version.