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Europe’s first professor of childhood epilepsy appointed

20 Apr 2005

The first professor of childhood epilepsy in Europe has been appointed by Great Ormond Street Hospital, the Institute of Child Health and the National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy.

Brian Neville has taken up the position, which will be known as The
Prince of Wales's Chair of Childhood Epilepsy, which will be based at University College London.

Neville will lead Europe's largest group of clinical scientists devoted
to childhood epilepsy, providing an international centre for research
and teaching to develop and improve new treatments and care for
children with epilepsy. In particular, the team will work to develop
their understanding of why young children with epilepsy often develop
learning and behavioural problems, including autistic spectrum

Commenting on the appointment, Professor Neville said:

am absolutely delighted and honoured to receive this appointment and
feel confident that the team will be able to make a major contribution
towards the treatment of these debilitating conditions.

major part of my work will involve trying to develop integrated
multidisciplinary community management for children with epilepsy whose
personal, family and educational lives are currently so disrupted. I am
looking forward to bringing together as many resources as possible to
try to solve problems which have so far proved intractable.'

appeal to fund the post was launched three years ago with support from
HRH The Prince of Wales, who has supported the organisations involved,
visiting their centres and talking to young people with epilepsy and
their families about the problems they experience.