Helping Hands awards: Cameron and Fraser

27 Sep 2021

Cameron and Fraser Rutherford are two brothers who have raised thousands in memory of their cousin, Sandi.

They were nominated for our Helping Hands awards by their aunt, Shelley Stratfull.

“In 2019 these two amazing young men decided to take on a series of four Wolf Run challenges to raise money for Epilepsy Action. Their cousin Sandi (my daughter) had lived with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy since the age of 9. Initially, her seizures did not disrupt her life too much and we always encouraged her to live life to the full - and she did! She snorkelled off the Great Barrier Reef; she wind-surfed in Fiji; she partied in Koh Samui and rode camels in Marrakech. She visited her brother in Budapest and her sister in Switzerland. Life became more difficult in later years as Sandi’s seizure frequency increased. But her smile, her sense of fun and her quirky view of life endeared her to everyone she met.

“Sandi was so proud that her cousins would even think to put themselves through the Wolf Runs and fundraise for a charity dedicated to helping people like her. She was eagerly awaiting to cheer them on this summer.

“Devastatingly, our beloved Sandi passed away in her sleep in April. She was just 27. Cameron and Fraser, still reeling from shock, picked themselves up and decided that although their fundraising could no longer help Sandi, it could still help others in her name. The boys still have two more runs to complete, which will take them into 2022. To date they have raised over £6000.

“Cam and Fray, at the most difficult time in our lives, you are demonstrating family love at its finest and compassion for others beyond measure. My heart is bursting with pride. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

Cameron and Fraser said. “It’s only a few months ago that we lost Sandi to epilepsy. She meant so much to us and played a key part in our lives. She was brave and kind-hearted, always spreading her unique Sandi flavour. She went through so much and persevered so much with her condition. Doing the Wolf Runs in her name for Epilepsy Action will raise awareness and funds to support others, helping them to live the way Sandi wanted to live.

We are both so appreciative of the award, but we can't take all the credit. Our family and friends have supported us and continue to be the backbone of what we set out to achieve, to drive awareness of such a great cause and in honour of our Sandi. It's not easy to convey our shared gratitude, but to be chosen for this award is a massive deal for us.”

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