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22 Apr 2013

Epilepsy Today's Molly DolanThe Epilepsy Stories project uses digital storytelling to let people with epilepsy share their experience with others – so that people everywhere can see what the condition is really like. Epilepsy Today’s Molly Dolan shares her digital stories with you

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Rhys Thomas and Rose Thompson are both researchers working in Wales. The digital storytelling project is just one of their community-building projects that explore helping people with epilepsy deal with their condition.

You might have read about the project in Molly Dolan’s article Digital storytelling (published 14 March 2013). As Molly explains, making a digital story involves taking part in a short interview about your epilepsy. This audio is then laid over a series of pictures or photographs that illustrate your story.

Molly went through this process at the time of writing her feature, which explains exactly how the process works. Two of Molly’s stories are now finished – watch them below! Don’t forget, if you’d like to get involved in the project and make your own digital stories, visit the ‘get involved’ section of the Epilepsy Action website.


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