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of everyone affected by epilepsy

Guidelines for primary care trusts delivering epilepsy services unveiled

24 Sep 2003

Guidelines for the
local delivery of epilepsy services by Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) in
England have been unveiled by the National
Primary and Care Trust Development Programme

The Chief Medical
Officer, Sir Liam Donaldson, wrote
PCT Professional Executive Committee
chairs earlier this year suggesting
they review their policies and practices for the management of epilepsy
and epilepsy-related death in the light of the findings of the National
Sentinel Audit of Epilepsy Related Deaths
and the government's
Epilepsy Action Plan and address any shortfalls as part of local planning
arrangements and priorities.

The PCT Competencies
on epilepsy services have been prepared with the help of consultants
and general practitioners
with a special interest in the condition. The NatPaCT PCT Competency
Framework is a self-assessment and support tool to help PCTs deliver
services to people in their local area.

Details of the competencies
can be found on the NatPaCT