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Hawaii decriminalises medicinal use of cannabis

19 Jun 2000

The Governor of Hawaii, Bill Cayetano, has signed a bill to allow the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

Cayetano said the law will:

  • Provide another kind of relief for people who have certain medical conditions
  • Make the patients and their doctors register at the Department of Public Safety to get a certificate valid for one year
  • Ban people from using medical cannabis in public places.

Cayetano warned, "If the law is abused, I will not be surprised to see a move to repeal the law."

Though the law does not allow the prescription of cannabis it does allow individuals to own up to four immature plants, three mature plants and 3 ounces of smokeable cannabis, at any one time.

Testing into taking cannabis for a number of medical conditions, including epilepsy are currently being held in the UK.