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Health Development Agency launched to help improve UK's health

5 Jun 2000

The Department of Health has announced the launch of the Health Development Agency (HDA). The HDA intends to tackle the inequalities in health across the country and filling in the gaps in what really works to improve health.

The agency, which has a £10 million budget, will provide the evidence on which the Government can base its strategies for reducing health inequalities.  

Yvette Cooper, Minister for Public Health, said, "The HDA will have a crucial role in tackling health inequalities and ill health due to poverty." She continued saying, "The HDA has an ambitious agenda, such as looking at projects that reach people who find it difficult to access services. Examples are work in pubs and clubs, encouraging men to use services, and promoting consumption of fruit and vegetables as part of a healthy diet."

Yve Buckland, HDA chair added, "It will provide a new evidence base of what really works and give frontline staff the most up to date information on which they can base their work."