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Indian conference calls for anti-discrimination law

1 Oct 2003

Discrimination of people with epilepsy should be outlawed under the
Disability Act, a leading Indian epilepsy expert told a conference in

According to a report in the New
Indian Express
, Dr HV Sreenivas said
that there is a need for a comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation
to protect people affected by epilepsy.

Speaking at the
Fourth Joint Annual Conference of Indian
Epilepsy Association
and Indian Epilepsy Society,
Dr Sreenivas said that the social stigma attached it was the major
problem as children are thrown out of the schools and were denied
entry in sports

He added that epilepsy
was not a mental illness and the people could carry on with their work,
other than the seizures which were could be
controlled and suggested that the word 'epileptic' should be avoided
and instead it should be said 'people with epilepsy'.

It is estimated that
there are around 5.5 million people with epilepsy in India.