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Indian vice-president calls for more awareness of neurological conditions

8 Jan 2003

The Vice-President of India, Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, has called for doctors to ensure that their patients with neurological conditions such as epilepsy are aware that they can be treated, according to a report on Outlookindia.com.

Speaking to delegates at the 'Brainstorm 2002' event in New Delhi, the Vice-President said such a move by doctors would dispel fears of the patients and embolden them to fight common brain conditions.

Dr M V Padma, from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, told the conference that epilepsy was a condition shrouded in myths and misconceptions.

"It is not a psychological disorder nor is it contagious,'' said Dr. Padma. "Unfortunately, it is not the seizure disorder itself but negative public attitudes which create a greater disability. Public information and education are vitally important to eliminate social prejudice.''