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Jamaican epilepsy group seeks to dispel 'myths' about epilepsy

30 Nov 2005

The president of
the Jamaican Epilepsy Association has called for many of the myths and
misconceptions about epilepsy to be dispelled.

Speaking to the Jamaica Gleaner,
Nora Perez said that people with epilepsy in the country are not
allowed a driver's licence at all, but in many other developed
countries, people who have been seizure-free for a period of around six
to twelve months are allowed to reapply for their licence.

also told the newspaper that the epilepsy was now a lot more understood
and people were wrong to still believe that the condition was caused by
demons or evil spirits. She also highlighted the fact that epilepsy is
not contagious and whilst some types of epilepsy are hereditary, people
can't 'catch' epilepsy as in the same way they can catch a cold.