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Neurologist claims doctors in India prescribing "inappropriate" medication

3 Feb 2004

A leading neurologist
has claimed that many people with epilepsy in India are receiving "wrong
and inappropriate" drugs for their condition because of a lack
of awareness and knowledge amongst doctors in primary health centres,
according to a report from Expressindia.com.

Dr Radha Krishan
from Sri Chitra Hospital in Thiruvananthapuram told reporters at an
neurology conference in Chandigarh that a study of 1,000 patients at
Sri Chitra Hospital found that doctors often prescribed inappropriate

"We concluded
that there is a need to spread awareness among doctors at primary health
centres. While in certain cases, doctors prescribe costly medicines,
these might not be of any help apart from the fact that they are less

The study recommended
more work was done in making people more aware of epilepsy, including
parents of children with the condition, and doctors in primary health
centres who need to be more aware of the right medication.

Dr Krishnan added:

"Since epileptic
surgery has also become common, the doctors as well as the parents
of epileptic patients have to take a crucial decision, whether to go
for surgery, he said, adding that while cure through medicines could
take a long time during which the child might lose out on studies,
recovery through surgery is fast. The loss of studies and social stigma
can also be done away with."