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New drug may work as anti-epileptic medication

21 Dec 2006

The drug
manufacturer Schwarz Pharma has presented data suggesting that it may
be possible to treat epilepsy using their drug lacosamide.

III trials investigated the safety and oral usage of lacosamide as an
add-on therapy for adults with uncontrolled partial seizures.

were reduced by 15 per cent in people that took 400mg per day. During
the trial, lacosamide was generally well tolerated, with dizziness,
headache and double vision being the most commonly reported

is a promising new compound with a novel mode of action, and it has the
potential to play an important role in the management of epilepsy,"
said Iris Loew-Friedrich, member of the Executive Board of Schwarz

traditional anti-epileptic drugs, lacosamide is believed to reduce
neuron transmissions in the brain. The trial will be submitted to the
regulatory agencies in both the European Union and the US.